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EDYU GLOBAL an online academy that provides certified IB tutors for students who want to learn IB Diploma, MYP and PYP curriculum.

IB is a unique board that has multiple tuitions all over the world. The trick to excelling in IB is by practice and practice only. The more you practice the papers the easier it will be to give the exam.

The IB curriculum is a recognized one and its popularity can be validated by the factor that several nations and local authorities have agreed with the IBO to apply this curriculum in their states. Countries namely Japan, Singapore, China, the USA, Australia, and several others have welcomed and applied this curriculum in their educational institutions.

IB curriculum is also well recognized by universities all over the world and most of them favor IB students rather than high school graduates because of the knowledge and research skills they have garnered by studying IB.

IB is a very rigorous course and its tuition is needed by most of the students to understand the concept and boost their marks in final exams to get admission to their dream universities. As teachers, we understand the needs and challenges in his/her subject and provide them with 1 on 1 IB tuition to help them efficiently.

Our team comprises highly experienced IB professionals who are always motivated to teach IB and guide young minds. Learning is a lifelong process and which is why we focus on teaching and making them understand the concepts, and enabling them to think critically.


EDYU GLOBAL provides IB tuitions for students from grade 1 PYP to all the way to grade 12 IBDP. We provide IB tuitions for every IB subject including IA Guidance, Extended Essay Guidance, and TOK guidance.

IB DP subjects are mostly divided into HL and SL, all our tutors have taught for at least 5 years in multiple IB schools.

Our academy’s vision is to uplift IB students and help them grow since IB is not an easy subject. Our team has noticed that shockingly a lot of IB school teachers do not know how to teach IB concepts. This observation is the primary reason we decided to for EDYU global tutoring service. All our teachers are interviewed into three layers to assess their content knowledge and their ability to teach IB content. As an academy, our goal is to make the subject fun for the student.

There is no shortcut to success.

Only when a child understands the subject and the exam paper then he/she can do well in the exam, which will prepare them for higher education at universities. In EDYU we aim to make our students think critically by familiarizing them with multiple case studies analysis.


EDYU GLOBAL provides IB tuitions for every subject of the IB Diploma program. Our subjects range from IB Math, IB Physics, IB Business, IB Economics, IB Psychology, IB Language and Literature, and more than 20 other subjects.

The IB DP curriculum teaches valuable skills such as analytical and research skills which will be needed in college and life as well. It is very important to have good time management and an organized study plan. It is well known that IB DP students are more likely to get into the top universities as compared to other boards.

We aim to help our students think like a leader instead of just a student. We want them to relate to the content instead of just memorizing it. This means that he/she should apply their knowledge in tackling the problem and try finding the best solution. Our teachers encourage students to apply their knowledge in our IB Diploma tuition classes and constantly tell them how this can be related. We aim to help our students grow and enjoy IB, and score well in their papers.


EDYU GLOBAL has some of the finest IB MYP tutors for its IB tuition classes. We provide IB MYP tuitions for all the subjects including help with a personal project and IDU consultation.

It is a known fact that students who have completed IB MYP and later do Diploma program have a greater advantage over students who come from other curriculums.

Our MYP tutors say that the MYP curriculum makes students open-minded and risk-takers. The course enables them to learn and apply their knowledge instead of just mugging up the textbook. IB encourages research; for instance, in the personal project, the student is made to choose a product and research on that. We as MYP tutors try to engrain IB values into the students. This is a very effective way of tutoring and building curiosity among students. Through this, the students will be able to freely think and develop their learning capabilities beyond the textbooks.


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