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Environmental systems and societies (ES&S)

Environmental systems and societies (ES&S) help us to understand the strings attaching the science behind how environment and society is inter-relatable with a mutual relation. This is one of the interdisciplinary courses meaning it can be counted as both science and I&S (Individuals and Societies) while choosing the course for IBDP or IB Courses. ES&S is only offered as an SL (standard level) subject. ES&S will not require any previous knowledge of science or geography and can easily be understood with the help of a little global context. ES&S consists of 8 units in total that is needed to be cover in whole of IBDP or IB Courses. IB is renowned for the practical approach towards its subject that make the subject easy and interactive to understand. ES&S consists of 2 papers and an Internal assessment (IA).

ES&S IA contributes to 25% of the final evaluation of marks. IAs are both internally as well as externally moderated by the IB. ES&S IA is marked from 30 total points on the bases of

  • Identifying The Context (6 points) that includes stating of a focused research question with relevant environmental issue and explaining the inter-relation between them.
  • Planning (6 points) that includes the methodology as well as justification with ethical and safety measures.
  • Results, Analysis and Conclusion (6 points) that includes diagrammatical representations of necessary data as well as analysis and interpretation of the data with precision.
  • Discussion and Evaluation (6 points) that includes evaluation of environmental issue with discussion of the methodology and extension of the study for possible application and modifications.
  • Applications (3 points) that gives the possible applications with strengths and weaknesses of the study.
  • Communication (3 points) that is given for well organized study with appropriate terms and precise approach towards the topic.

ES&S IAs are generally submitted in 3 drafts in which first draft accounts for proposal of the study to teacher and taking approval. In second draft all the study and analysis are written that is collected and in the final draft the IA is finalized with MLA citations and final changes for final submission.

ES&S 2 papers are as follows

  • Paper 1 –  Case studies with data based questions for 35 marks and 1 hour in total
  • Paper 2 – Subjective questions consisting of two sections with Section A with short question answers and Section B with Long extended type questions for 65 marks and 2 hours in total.


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