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Biology is one of the fundamental subjects that opens up new approaches to how ones view the world. It just not helps us to understand our own body but also stimulates the thoughts of anatomical and physiological changes occurring all around us. Biology in IBDP as well in courses are divided into two levels of Biology HL(Higher level) and Biology SL(standard level). Practical approach of International baccalaureate (IB) emphasizes on practical approach of learning making it easier to understand and apply in general lifestyle. Students undergoes various internal and external assessments. Both HL and SL deals with same core subjects with SL having 6 units and HL consisting of  6 units of SL and 5 extra units so total 11 units in biology HL according to the Biology prescribed IBDP course companion book by Oxford University Press. Along with this an option of one of the four optional topics need to be covered for paper 3.

Biologists have contributed immensely to the cause of knowledge so the in-depth and briefed titles of SL and HL is offered in IBDP. Both HL and SL students makes an IA (internal assessment) which consists of 20% of the final markings. IA is both internally as well as externally moderated by the IB. Biology IA is marked from 24 total points on the bases of

  • personal engagement (2 points) that includes the ideology and inspiration for the aim and study to be conducted for the IA with clear idea, justification and personal input.
  • Exploration (6 points) that includes the research question, methodology , variables , hypothesis, required chemical and analytical apparatus as well as  the background information to setup the study. It also includes safety measures and ethical implications if any.
  • Analysis (6 points) that includes keep perception and connection in the study setup as well as the hypothesis. We also include sufficient quantitative and qualitative data collected as well as correct analyzation of data.
  • Evaluation (6 points) that includes the understating and analytical connection between the study as well as the hypothesis using the data. Strengths and weakness with conclusion and discussion
  • Communication (4 points) that includes the language and understanding of clarity in which the study is written and expressed. Clear representation of data and relevant terms used.

IAs are generally submitted in 3 drafts in which first draft accounts for proposal of the study to teacher and taking approval. In second draft all the study and analysis are written that is collected and in the final draft the IA is finalized with MLA citations and final changes for final submission.

Both biology HL and SL consists of 3 papers

  • Paper 1 – MCQ (multiple choice questions)  which is 30 questions for SL and 40 questions for Biology HL.
  • Paper 2 – Subjective questions consisting of two sections with Section A with short question answers and Section B with Long extended type questions for both SL and HL.
  • Paper 3 – Option Paper in which there are two Sections with section A consisting of data based and fundamental questions and Section B consists of questions from 4 optional topics from which you have to answer any one.


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